Facebook Messages Recovery Tool

New 1.5 version available!

How to recover deleted Facebook messages? Finally it is an easy task.
Facebook Messages Recovery Tool 1.5 allows you to retrieve deleted Facebook messages
with just couple of clicks!
You don't have to search the web and shady forums for a solution anymore.
You can download the latest version of this amazing piece of software now totally free!
However you will have to complete one short survey from our sponsors
in order to unlock and start the download.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Yes,you will be automatically redirected to an android or iOS version if you are accessing the download page from mobile device.


This is the only free and working app in 2016 that allows you to restore deleted Facebook messages.

Easy to use

Step 1: Be sure to be logged in to your Facebook account.
Step 2: Select the time frame and click the Generate button.


This software is 100% virus and adware FREE.Your PC and Facebook account are both safe.


Facebook Messages Recovery Tool is totally free to download and use.


We are trying to keep this software up to date and secure it's functionality as Facebook is changing it's codes all the time.If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us on contact (at) recoverdeletedmessages.com